Safe Amalgam Removal Doing for Petaluma Patient

Safe Amalgam Removal

Get rid of dangerous mercury in your mouth with our biological protocol.

Holistic dentistry considers the person behind the smile. At Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County, know that dental care, as well as dental disease, can affect overall health and wellness. Dr. Smida has dedicated her career to helping people. As such, she avoids certain materials in her Petaluma dental practice, including mercury and metal, as a truly biological dentist treating San Francisco area patients.
Many people identify holistic dental care with the avoidance of mercury, or amalgam, fillings. Because these fillings are often referred to as "silver," there is the perception that silver is the metal from which they are made. In fact, a "silver" filling is a combination of materials including tin and nickel, bound together with mercury. A natural substance itself, mercury has been extensively studied throughout several decades. The findings of research have led to its removal from numerous consumer products

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What research says about mercury

  • Mercury is topped by only one other substance in terms of toxicity
  • Mercury's toxicity specifically affects the nervous system. This neurotoxin has been banned from several countries
  • There is no "safe" amount of exposure to mercury, as the body cannot naturally eliminate the toxin
  • Amalgam fillings can lead to mercury toxicity due to the accumulation that occurs from constant exposure
  • Mercury exposure from amalgam fillings has been associated with health problems including insomnia, skin conditions, lupus, alopecia, anxiety, heart disease, and several other concerning conditions.
  • Mercury levels in the brain correlate with the number of amalgam fillings in the mouth.
Safe amalgam Removal at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, PetalumaThe intent of Dr. Smida's treatment is to promote health and wellness through considerate, ethical dental treatments. In addition to avoiding amalgams, Dr. Smida also offers patients a way to remove toxic fillings safely. Safe mercury removal follows a step-by-step protocol through which the patient, doctor, staff, and our environment are all protected. Dr. Smida is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. She is very familiar with the effects that mercury can have on the body and on a person's quality of life. Using a precise process for removal that involves provisional oxygen, skin and eye protection, specific cutting and cooling techniques, and high vacuum filtration, Dr. Smida significantly minimizes exposure to mercury during the removal of amalgam fillings.
You do not have to live with unhealthy teeth that contain mercury. Contact our holistic dental practice where we can help you restore your smile and your health. We also offer many complementary products and techniques, including PRF, laser treatment, and ozone with drip therapy to Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Marin County, and Berkeley area patients.

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