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We help you look forward to your dental visits with comforting amenities.

New research examines the long-term success of metal-free implants

The results of a new study were presented at last month’s International Congress of Oral Implantologists’ Winter Symposium. The research included more than 150 patients, all of whom received full arch restorations for upper teeth, lower teeth, or both. In total, the study included 219 arch restorations, supported by over one thousand zirconium implants. All patients were between one and five years post-surgery at the time. Researchers found a 98 percent success, which is comparable to the results of similar studies involving titanium implants.

These findings concur with many previous studies that have found metal-free implants to have high success rates, short term, and long term. Zirconia implants offer unique benefits, including eliminating worries about metal allergies, electrical conductivity, and corrosion. Additionally, because zirconia is a type of ceramic, is it naturally white and will not cause a dark area at the gumline. For more information about metal-free implants, please call our office at 707-781-8550.

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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Jurina Smida and her amazing staff offers the ultimate professional service... What I love most of all is that you don't feel like your in a dentist office, it's more like a spa ... It is so relaxing! I fall asleep on the chair during all my visits ... I have asked myself why do I fall asleep on the chair all the time.

And I came to the conclusion that it is because I feel relaxed by Dr. Smida's care. She is not just a dentist, she is an angel living in Mill Valley. I so look forward to the drive to Petaluma because I know, when I leave her office my teeth are going to look amazing! People always compliment me on my smile and i tell them Dr. Jurina Smida."


Petaluma Practice Offers Prp Treatment

Many patients in the Petaluma area are seeking biological dental treatments that maintain the health and wellness of the smile and the body. Dr. Jurina Smida of Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County is excited to offer specialized services such as platelet rich plasma to speed healing and facilitate a healthier smile!


Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is a protein that is available in the blood. To obtain PRP, patients have a blood draw performed at the dental office.

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