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Our integrative approach to gum disease achieves optimal results.


In addition to protecting teeth from disease, it is also important to maintain gum health. Dr. Jurina Smida has completed extensive dental training, as well as a degree program in Integrative and Biological Medicine. Who better to care for your dental needs than a fully-immersed health care practitioner such as Dr. Smida?
Gum disease is found in millions of people. Fortunately, now dentists and hygienists are more capable of detecting and treating gum disease than ever before. At Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County, we place a great deal of importance on gum disease prevention, seeking to help our patients through a proactive approach rather than one that seeks to chase disease that may have already caused damage. If you have not seen your dentist in the past six months, we encourage you to contact us for an appointment in an office where your comfort is our priority.

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- Ann D.

The procedures and treatment plan given for my situation made sense to me. I feel good about trying this plan and seeing how much can be done before considering periodontal surgery.

My thinking has always been to treat and improve the underlying problems and then seeing what remains that still is in need of surgery - rather than just jumping into doing surgery as the first step. I'm glad I found a dental practice that can do this for me without just trying to shove me down the surgery path.

I like that the best technology is being used in this office.

The ozone treatments are something I have never heard about, but I am willing to see if that helps my situation.
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Traditionally, gum disease has been treated with a deep cleaning in which root surfaces are cleaned and smoothed. In cases of severe infection, some dentists will also apply or prescribe antibiotics to kill unhealthy bacteria. When gum disease has advanced to a stage in which the periodontal ligament and underlying bone have become diseased, surgery may be required to restore health and stability to teeth.
Dr. Smida prefers to treat patients using proven holistic methods when this is possible – and it usually is!


Periodontal Laser Therapy at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, Petaluma One of the most effective, comfortable methods of treating gum disease is to apply ozone to infected tissue. Natural ozone comes from a lightning strike, which energizes oxygen particles in the air. This element can be recreated by energizing medical-grade oxygen with electricity. As we create ozone, we can then combine it with water and use it as a rinse or as a directly applied therapy.
When ozone contacts diseased tissue, it immediately sparks an immune response through which blood flow to the infected area is improved and other immune defenses are stimulated. Unhealthy cells, including bacteria, are also incapable of thriving after only a short amount of contact with ozone. Incorporating ozone into the deep cleaning of periodontal pockets, often performed with our diode laser, can make an enormous difference in comfort as well as long term results. Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County also effectively and efficiently delivers powerful ozone via IV drip for Santa Rosa CA area patients.


LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) therapy is for patients who suffer from the advanced stages of gum disease. Eventually, the body heals naturally so the gum pockets improve and teeth become more stable. There are several differences between this technique and traditional gum surgery. We preserve gum tissue by avoiding the cutting or sewing that is required during traditional gum surgery. Unlike conventional surgery, there is minimal downtime.
We utilize LANAP hard and soft tissue lasers. This allows us to treat soft tissue (the gums) as well as hard tissues (teeth and bone). With laser treatment, we can save teeth. Laser treatment regenerates bone tissue and encourages connective reattachment of tissue by stimulating the bone and surrounding teeth.


In addition to treating gum disease, we discuss and demonstrate proper hygiene with patients so that they are empowered to maintain the health of their smiles for many years.

We are happy to assist you with your oral health needs. From Invisalign to PRF for healthy gum regeneration, Dr. Smida and her team offer a variety of advanced treatments. If you live in and around San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Marin County, and Berkeley, schedule your visit at Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County today

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