Ozone Therapy Provides for Petaluma patients

Ozone Therapy

Eradicate unhealthy dental conditions with gentle,
powerful ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy quickly resolves issues for our Petaluma patients

In her extensive educational pursuits, Dr. Jurina Smida has gained a great deal of insight into the most appropriate forms of care for teeth, gums, and for the body. Not only is she an experienced San Francisco area oral surgeon, but she is also a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and has received a degree in Integrative and Biologic Medicine as well. Patients who visit Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County benefit from her wealth of knowledge and her understanding of the most health-promoting protocols, such as ozone therapy.
Ozone is a safe substance found naturally in the environment. Ozone cleans the atmosphere of unhealthy pollution. In the body, this energized form of oxygen has astounding power to promote healing. Through innovative technology, we can create ozone from medical-grade oxygen. This can then be applied to numerous tissues in the mouth, including both soft and hard tissue.

Why use ozone

Historically, it has been thought that the best way to treat cavities is to remove a good portion of tooth matter. Ozone, with its almost-immediate effect on disease-causing bacteria, gives us good cause to rethink what has been taught for over a century.

Read What Our Patients Are Saying

- Anonymous

our staff and doctor are always friendly, yet professional. I was especially thankful for the dental hygienist who patiently stopped and let me take some pain medication in the middle of getting my teeth cleaned. I have severe arthritis and had to take pain medication for it, and not because she was being rough. In fact, I think it was the BEST teeth cleaning I have ever had! More Reviews
Ozone Therapy at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, PetalumaOzone is oxygen. Rather than two molecules, however, O2, ozone has three molecules. This makes it a rather unstable substance, but one that can do immense good in the body. When the substance enters tissue or the blood, the third molecule, a free radical, attaches to certain types of cells. Due to cellular makeup, healthy cells are not affected by ozone. Diseased and unhealthy cells, however, along with multiple types of pathogens, are. Whether applied in gas form, in water, or by another method, ozone fights disease in the mouth and the body.

Uses of ozone in the dental office

Considering the health-giving power of ozone, it makes sense to incorporate this substance in a multitude of treatments. Ozone may be used to treat small cavities without a need to anesthetize the area. As the third oxygen molecule kills bacteria, a remineralizing effect occurs through which tooth structure is fortified. Diseased gum tissue responds wonderfully to ozone. Depending on the magnitude of infection in gum tissue, ozone may be applied topically, used as a rinse, or it may be injected into tissues affected by advanced disease. Ozone may even be injected into bone that has become infected or into cavitations.

Ozone injections

One of the differences between us and the few other offices that use ozone is in our injections. We don't use JUST ozone, we mix ozone WITH naturopathic remedies: traumeel, Zeel, lymprymetic, folic acid, b12, and procaine, which is a natural anesthetic. Other offices in the immediate area only use ozone, which is what sets us apart from the competition.

M.A.H Therapy (Major Auto Hemotherapy with UVV.)

We use ozone therapy right in our practice. MAH Therapy is a process during which medical-grade ozone gas is injected into an individual’s blood draw, allowing it to mix and become oxygenated blood. This is then returned to the individual via an IV. Blood that is oxygenated destroys pathogens in the individual. When the process of IV drip for Santa Rosa CA area patients is properly performed to strict protocols, the process is safe, comfortable, and effective for the treatment of infections.

As a holistic and biological dentist serving San Francisco, Sonoma, Berkeley, and Marin County patients, Dr. Smida provides care with a focus on promoting health while preserving natural structure. Learn more about the benefits of ozone with IV drip therapy in Santa Rosa or advanced approaches such as PRF and laser treatment when you visit our Petaluma dental practice.

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