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Oral surgery and holistic remedies are used to treat cavitations
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This was a very thorough exam that actually went beyond just the dental. I appreciate Dr. Smida's vast knowledge. I was stunned at the work I need as well as some of the costs. I will now need to weigh the costs versus my health. It should be a no-brainer but it isn't always! I also appreciate the call at home several hours later. The one thing I did not like was the length of the exam but only b/c it was overwhelming.

Dr. Smida's colleagues are friendly and welcoming.
Essentially a hole in the jawbone, cavitations serve as breeding ground for bacteria and infections to form. They generally form following an extraction or unexpected tooth loss that does not heal properly. Oral surgery combined with natural techniques can effectively treat cavitations.

The formation of cavitations

Your teeth are surrounded by bone, fibers, and ligaments. The periodontal fibers and ligaments help secure the roots of your teeth into the jawbone. When a tooth is removed, the fibers break. Some of the ligaments may remain in the pocket. As they begin to break down and decay, they can infect the surrounding bone and teeth. The remaining fibers also prevent healthy, new bone from regenerating. Without blood flow or a tooth stimulating the area the tissue begins to breakdown.
Holistic dentists understand that your oral health affects the rest of your body. Cavitations pose a direct threat to oral health. Infection and disease of the jawbone can lead to overall health problems. Patients with cavitations may be unaware of the infection brewing beneath the surface. Some patients do experience tenderness at the area or facial pain. At the point that patients are experiencing pain, damage has already been done.

Treating cavitations

As part of her commitment to protecting patients’ health, Dr. Jurina Smida is a holistic dentist who has received advanced training to treat cavitations. Using a local anesthetic and gentle techniques, the infected tissue is removed along with the periodontal fibers that led to the cavitation. Treatment may involve the use of ozone to destroy bacteria and disease, homeopathic injections, and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to promote healing following the procedure.

Utilizing PRF

Found in the patient’s own blood, platelets are growth factors and fibrin is a protein for blood clotting. PRF stimulates bone and soft tissue growth, increases blood flow, and speeds healing. PRF is beneficial for use in treating cavitations.
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