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Dental appliances resolve your sleep apnea

Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County combines traditional approaches to medicine with modern technologies to keep patients looking and feeling their best. As such, NightLase® by Fotona is a perfect fit with a practice that knows a healthy mouth reflects patients' well-being.
Dr. Smida and her team know you can't be well without quality sleep, and you can't get quality sleep if your apnea goes undetected or untreated. Plus, sleep apnea is associated with snoring so loud that is affects the quality of your partner's and family's sleep.
While a night of poor sleep can certainly put you at greater risk for accidents at work or on the road due to daytime sleepiness, a chronic lack of deep, restorative sleep is associated with several serious problems such as:
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Memory problems and other cognitive dysfunction
NightLase® therapy is designed to reduce the destructive effects of sleep apnea, including snoring. This approach is so effective, because it takes direct aim at the common cause of sleep apnea: The muscles at the back of your throat. When these muscles are overly relaxed, the tissues in your throat can block your airway. You can't breathe. In an act of self-preservation, your panicked brain forces you awake to reopen your airway. It's a jarring process that may be repeated 30 or more times each hour through the night. It's no wonder you're sleepy during the day!

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How NightLase® works

When in the skilled and experienced hands of Dr. Smida, the NightLase® device is applied to the soft palate and surrounding oral mucosal tissues via a handpiece. This device is equipped with a non-ablative or non-wounding laser. When safely and precisely directed to the treatment area, the controlled energy from this laser causes the firming collagen proteins to contract, tightening the lax tissues responsible for your disruptive and dangerous symptoms.
Due to the unique nature of these laser pulses, NightLase® is sufficiently gentle to be used on delicate soft tissues without undesirable side effects, yet it is sufficiently powerful to effectively heat and penetrate the mucosal tissue for the results you desire.
Those results can last for up to a year, at which time you can safely undergo re-treatment.

The many benefits of NightLase®

nightlase therapy at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, PetalumaNo special preparation is required. The procedure is well-tolerated. There is no need for anesthesia. Unlike conventional therapies such as CPAP machines or medications, you don't have to contend with bulky devices nor do you have to take drugs. In just three sessions scheduled over six months, you can experience a progressively improved quality of sleep and quality of life.
The Journal of the Laser and Health Academy in 2011 featured the results of a study, which found all NightLase® patients reported better sleep in general and decreased snoring. The average snoring reduction after 2 sessions was around 23 percent, while patients reported a 30 percent improvement across all indicators of sleep quality.
Don't wait to feel better. Patients from Santa Rosa and Berkeley, and throughout Sonoma and Marin County, appreciate that they’re in good hands with the latest, proven dentistry techniques and technologies. You may benefit from Dr. Smida’s skill as a San Francisco area oral surgeon for sleep apnea, or you may appreciate healthy, non-invasive gum restoration with PRF and ozone therapy, or discreet orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. Whatever the case may be, call (707) 781-8550 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smida, the first step on your road to better health.

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