Metal-free Implants Teeth of a Lady

Metal-free Implants

Metal free implants restore your smile by mimicking nature

Metal-free implants from your holistic dentist in Petaluma give you much to smile about
Tooth replacement has been in demand for centuries. There is evidence that ancient societies had attempted implant-type restoration using shells and other tooth-like structures. Only recently, however, has this treatment been perfected.
Dental implant treatment has become increasingly common in the past few decades. In many offices, the standard of care involves the placement of titanium implants. Because implants are placed into the bone and therefore have access to the bloodstream and, through tissues, to the rest of the body, Dr. Smida prefers to place metal free implants made of zirconia. This approach is a perfect complement to Dr. Smida’s biological dentist services available in San Francisco and the surrounding area.

Why implants

Patients who require tooth replacement find dental implants appealing for several reasons:
  • Implants are root replacements, not tooth replacements.
  • Insertion into the jawbone precisely recreates natural oral anatomy.
  • Implants are highly versatile, used for single tooth replacement as well as bridge and denture stabilization.
  • Stabilization in the jawbone means full and comfortable function to speak, smile, laugh, and eat with confidence.
  • This form of restorative care produces results that can last a lifetime.
  • The jawbone, as well as the smile, benefits from the placement of dental implants. These root replacements maintain the transfer of force that is achieved with natural teeth and their roots. The resulting stimulation promotes the regeneration of bone, preserving healthy facial contours.

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Why metal free implants

Metal free implants can save your smileWhile titanium implants can provide many of the same advantages in terms of stability, there is a good reason to choose metal free dental restorations from your holistic dentist. Sensitivity to metal may occur in any person, not just the individual with a specific allergy. After a titanium metal implant is inserted, years may go by before the sensitivity and resulting bone loss are identified. Metal is also more likely to corrode in the wet, acidic oral environment than biocompatible zirconia.

Metal free implants can save your smile. Perhaps more importantly, this holistic dental treatment can preserve your health and wellbeing for many years. Dr. Jurina Smida performs dental treatment with the whole person in mind. Her training has revolved around the safest, most biocompatible treatments available today. Some of those other treatments, which may be combined with procedures such as implants, include PRF, ozone and drip therapy and laser treatment. At Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County, Zirkolith® implants from Zsystems keep your smile in its most natural state.

Contact our Petaluma office today to experience the full benefit of holistic dentistry. We welcome patients through Sonoma, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Marin County.
Contact our Petaluma office today to experience the full benefit of holistic dentistry.

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