Doing Laser Dentistry for patients at Petaluma

Laser Dentistry

Precision laser treatments promote comfort and better oral health.

Improving your dental experience with laser dentistry in our Petaluma office
Dr. Jurina Smida practices dentistry with a keen awareness of patients’ needs for comfort and predictability. We perform treatments with the intent of resolving the issue while preserving, if not promoting, the patient's overall peace of mind. One of the ways we do this is by using proven technology such as the LightWalker Dental Laser System.


Dr. Smida enjoys treating patients using technologies that will improve their overall experience. We are pleased to incorporate precision laser therapy for Santa Rosa and surrounding area patients into our range of dental and periodontal treatments. Due to the gentleness of light energy on soft tissues, treatments become far more comfortable. Bleeding is reduced as heat hastens coagulation in the treatment area. Because of minimal bleeding, there is less post-operative swelling and discomfort from laser dental procedures. The LightWalker is a device that has been developed for the most therapeutic interaction with oral tissues, significantly improving comfort as well as outcomes.

The Fotona LightWalker Dental Laser System has been shown to provide the most patient satisfaction. The LightWalker allows us to treat both hard and soft tissues with a simple adjustment of settings. We may incorporate this laser treatment in the repair of cavities or in surgical procedures involving bone. It is also an excellent option for periodontal therapy, leading to outstanding results with a shorter recovery time.

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Laser Dentistry at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, PetalumaWhile our office has been equipped to handle your restorative needs, we prefer to help you achieve optimal oral health with education and preventive support. Gum disease is a prevalent problem for adults. With prevention, early intervention, and routine dental care as recommended for your needs, the impact of oral bacteria can be significantly decreased.
Gum disease begins very subtly, with indications so mild that they may easily be missed. If you notice a problem with bad breath or bleeding when you brush and floss, schedule a visit with us right away. At this early stage, it is possible that we can stop the infectious process. If pockets have formed around a tooth or teeth, a deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar may be performed. Ozone can be applied to encourage prompt healing of gingival tissues. Advanced periodontal disease affects both the soft tissue and underlying bone. Using laser technology, surgical gum therapies are much less invasive and more comfortable.

As a San Francisco area oral surgeon, Dr. Smida is aware of the various options for treatment. She complements this depth of expertise with a depth of experience as a biological dentist. Patients benefit from both her attention to detail and strong commitment to biocompatibility. Laser dentistry fits right in with our holistic philosophy and approach to care, improving patient comfort and the outcome of treatments. Contact Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County for your visit in our comfortable Petaluma office. Also serving patients in Berkeley and Marin County.

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