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I had my first visit with Dr. Smida today. My current dentist in Marin County, who I love and trust, referred me to Dr. Smida in Petaluma so I could explore more options for treatment. I have an implant that has developed bone loss around it, and Dr. Smida has the Laser Technology and expertise that I am very hopeful will restore the bone loss without any invasive or painful procedures. The office is easy to find, welcoming, and her staff is professional and friendly! I am additionally thrilled to discover that, not only does she have all the latest technology and is current with all the latest in dentistry, Dr. Smida has a very holistic approach to health and dental care, which is very appealing to me.
At Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County, Dr. Jurina Smida and her staff in Petaluma provide biological, holistic care. When patients need teeth extracted and are also having bone grafting performed, it is always best to use the patient’s natural tissue versus cadaver bone. Using the dentin grinder, treatment is done in the most holistic manner.

What is a dentin grinder?

A dentin grinder is a special device that is used chairside to grind a natural tooth that has been extracted to produce autologous dentin graft in as little as 15 minutes. Instead of having to use donated cadaver bone, our team can use the patient’s own tooth that was extracted to perform bone grafting procedures. This is the most natural, holistic way of obtaining bone grafting material that can be used right away for treatment.

Why might a patient need bone grafting?

Bone grafting is often done when jawbone loss has occurred. It is performed before the placement of a dental implant to provide the implant a source of strength and stability. Dr. Jurina Smida may suggest alternative tooth replacement options such as bridges or dentures, but when implants are considered the best option, preparations may be required. Bone grafting builds up the natural bone to give the implant an adequate foundation for placement.

Learn more about the benefits of dentin grinder treatment today!

If you are interested in the highest standards of care, now is the time to make an appointment with Dr. Jurina Smida and her team. The staff of Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County works with patients to provide the best in biological and holistic dental care solutions. Contact her front office team at (707) 781-8550 or visit our conveniently located practice at 26 4th Street in Petaluma, California to schedule an appointment

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