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Biological and Holistic Dentistry

Dental care from a holistic perspective for discerning patients like yourself.

Did you know that your dentist plays a pivotal role in your general health and wellness? When you visit Dr. Jurina Smida of Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County, you will quickly discover the reasons we say that a healthy smile is a reflection of your overall wellbeing.

In our practice, we do more than looking at the immediate concern, we also consider your lifestyle, your health history, and your propensity toward certain conditions such as oral acidity or gum disease. To ascertain your dental needs, we inquire about aspects of your life such as diet and nutrition as well as oral care habits. Dr. Smida is also a practitioner dedicated to continual growth, and our technologically savvy practice reflects her commitment to innovative technologies and high-quality care

Cyberscan biofeedback testing

Holistically minded, Dr. Smida fosters her lifelong excitement about new technologies and integrative approaches that will benefit her patients. She is pleased to offer FDA-approved, Tesla-technology biofeedback testing which determines where stress is present in the body. Systemic stress may be caused by infection, toxic chemicals, mercury and other heavy metals, radioactive elements, emotional or mental energetic distortions, and more.

Once your biological needs have been accurately identified through the painless, convenient analysis of a selected area of your body, a customized treatment plan is developed. This plan may include recommendations for nutritional supplementation or dietary changes, botanicals, liver support, adrenal support, vitamins and minerals, and more.

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Neural therapy

Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County is dedicated to helping individuals regain optimal quality of life. This occurs through quality dentistry as well as innovative modalities found in integrative medicine. One such modality available in our office is neural therapy. The basis of this technique is to stop interference within the autonomic nervous system that may stem from infection, emotional or physical trauma, dental procedures, and much more.

Neural therapy has been used by integrative health practitioners since the early 1900's. Widely used in Germany, this therapeutic treatment is well understood by experienced holistic physicians such as Dr. Smida. Safe and effective treatment with Procaine, a type of analgesic, targets areas of disruption such as scar tissue and nerve bundles.

Autonomic response testing

Biological and Holistic Dentistry at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, PetalumaThe autonomic nervous system is not an area in which conscious effort is given to the performance of tasks. Here, vital functions such as hormone regulation, sleep patterns, immune function, digestion, heart rate, breathing, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, detoxification, tissue regeneration, and more are regulated. Clearly, a lack of optimal function in the autonomic nervous system could have a dramatic impact on wellness.

Using techniques such as kinesiology muscle testing, heart rate variability, and several other processes, autonomic response testing can identify and lead us in our treatment-planning for health concerns such as digestive problems, sinusitis, ADHD, seizure disorders, diabetes, cancer, symptoms of menopause, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and depression, chronic infections, chronic pain, and more.

We are happy to share detailed information of autonomic response testing, neural therapy, Cyberscan testing, and our various holistic modalities with you during your consultation.

Why patients choose holistic dentistry in Sonoma County

The teeth and mouth are important to more than your appearance and breaking down food. Research demonstrates that inflammation, infection, and disease that begin in the mouth do not necessarily remain there. Additionally, there are studies that point to adverse effects from the dental materials commonly used to repair damaged teeth.

Biological dentistry as practiced in our Petaluma office involves the thorough analysis of dental needs and the careful consideration of restoration using the most biocompatible materials. We do not place amalgam fillings and we use tooth-colored restorative material with the least amount of resin as well. Restorations such as crowns are made with metal-free options such as porcelain.

With her extensive knowledge, training, and hands on experience, Dr. Smida achieves durable repair that will last for many years while posing no threat to healthy tissues. Her background also makes her a wonderful resource for the individual who wishes to utilize proven natural remedies such as botanicals, ozone, neural therapy, and other modalities to optimize health.

When we help you rejuvenate your oral health, you are also protecting every other system throughout your body. Contact Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County to learn more about our philosophy and our services. While “Sonoma County” is in our name, we welcome patients from throughout the region – Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Berkeley and Marin County. And, as many of our longtime patients will attest, the above is a small sampling of all the ways we keep your smile its healthy best. Ask about discreet, braces-free straightening with Invisalign, and the gentle alternative to gum surgery: laser treatment.

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