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Patients in Petaluma, CA receive the benefits of dentin grinder treatment for bone grafting

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When one or more of your teeth need to be extracted, you may need a bone graft procedure done if there has been loss of your jawbone due to decay or infection before a dental implant can be placed into your jaw. Bone grafting with dentin grinder treatment has many benefits for patients. Dr. Jurina Smida at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County in Petaluma, CA is a holistic dentist that performs the dentin grinder treatment in these circumstances. With the dentin grinder process for bone grafting, your healing time is reduced and tooth material from your own body is used to naturally restore lost jawbone.

Dentin grinder overview

The process of using a dentin grinder in bone grafting is the most biocompatible, natural way to perform a bone graft. Instead of using artificial materials or the bone from a cadaver, a dentist can use a dentin grinder tool to grind the natural tooth down that has been removed from your mouth. Then, the dentin from the tooth is used to create the bone graft.

When the bone graft is produced in this way using autologous material, or material from your own body, there are multiple benefits:

  • Your own tooth material is a natural fit for your body and will prevent any negative immune system reactions since there is no foreign material being introduced
  • Tooth dentin is the ideal material to use in a bone graft because it is similar to bone in structure and composition and contains several materials such as stem cells and growth factors that help create new bone
  • It can expedite healing, reducing the recovery process by as much as half
  • It reduces the chance of complications and eliminates the risk of disease transmission from foreign tissues
  • The dentist does not need to create a second surgical site or remove other healthy bone or tissue to perform the bone graft
  • The process is easy and fast and can be done in the same office visit as a tooth extraction
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The dentin grinder device is safe and FDA-approved, and the process of using the dentin grinder in bone grafts has been extensively researched in scientific and clinical studies.

What to expect during the dentin grinder procedure

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The dentin grinder tool is a special device that is designed to grind down teeth that have been extracted from your mouth. After the dentist removes the tooth, they will remove any debris from the tooth as well as any restorations such as resin or amalgam so that only clean dentin remains. Then, they will dry the tooth and place it into the dentin grinder tool. This will create the bone graft material, which is composed of small particles of dentin that were ground down from your extracted tooth. Finally, the dentist will clean the bone graft material using a special cleanser and rinse before placing it in your mouth during the bone graft procedure.

The whole process of grinding and cleaning the tooth only takes about 15 minutes and can be done while you are relaxing in the chair.

Learn about whether dentin grinder treatment is the right fit for you

If you need a bone graft, the dentin grinder treatment might be a good choice for you. It can be used on most extracted teeth, but if a tooth has been endodontically treated, the dentin grinder treatment cannot be used since it is impossible to tell what types of sealers or fillers were used inside the tooth.

Dr. Jurina Smida is a holistic dentist that keeps your overall health and wellness in mind when determining the best treatment plan. In a consultation about your dental health, Dr. Smida will examine your mouth and the health and quality of your jawbone to determine whether a bone graft is needed. If a bone graft is necessary to restore the health of your jawbone prior to a dental implant or for other reasons, then Dr. Smida may recommend the dentin grinder treatment as part of that process. The team at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County is dedicated to providing you the best dental experience possible and will discuss the procedure and cost with you and answer any questions or concerns that you have.

Learn about the difference that holistic, biocompatible dentistry can make on not only your smile but your overall health today! Call Dr. Jurina Smida in Petaluma, CA at (707) 789-9151 to schedule your consultation.


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