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Petaluma dentist performs autologous bone grafting procedures using the Smart Dentin Grinder

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In Petaluma, CA, Dr. Jurina Smida and the professional team at Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County proudly offer holistic dental care. The health and wellness of our patients is our focus as we offer biological solutions for patients’ dental concerns. Our procedures and practices are thoroughly researched and used for their patient health benefits. Through the use of a Smart Dentin Grinder for autologous bone grafting procedures, we offer patients safe, effective treatment, top quality care, and faster healing.

Why are bone grafts necessary?

Tooth loss can lead to multiple dental problems. The adjacent teeth may shift out of alignment. Bone loss at the site may occur. As the bone deteriorates, oral health decreases. The physical appearance of the face may change. Patients may experience pain or problems with the remaining teeth.

Bone tissue needs to be stimulated through daily activities such as chewing and biting. Without a tooth in place, the bone is not used and it begins to break down. For some patients, dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. The implants mimic natural teeth and stimulate the bone to prevent it from deteriorating. However, if bone loss has already occurred, a bone graft may be necessary to add to or to rebuild the bone creating an adequate structure for the implant.

What is a bone graft?

patient’s own extracted toothAlthough the name may sound scary, a bone graft in dentistry can be a routine, predictable procedure to rebuild and protect your oral health. This standard procedure rebuilds the health of the bone to prevent future dental problems. The procedure is often performed using a laboratory-created sample or a sample from the patient’s chin. Bone is grafted into the jaw to keep the surrounding tissue from collapsing. It then begins to build new bone. The bone graft improves and strengthens the jawbone to allow for implant placement.

Autologous bone grafting using a Smart Dentin Grinder

An autologous or autogenous graft uses the patient’s own bone and is considered the standard of grafting. This graft material is osteogenic, meaning it contains a sufficient number of bone-forming cells to form new bone and to remodel the residual graft into bone. Autologous bone grafting has a number of advantages over using cadaver or laboratory-made grafts. Benefits of autogenous grafts include:

  • Shorter healing times
  • Favorable bone quality
  • No risk of disease transmission
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Using the Smart Dentin Grinder from GoldenDent allows us to create autologous dentin grafts from the patient’s own extracted tooth. Rather than using cadaver bone or laboratory-created samples, extracted teeth are converted into bacteria-free particulate dentin in as little as 15 minutes. Nothing foreign or harmful is used. This is the most natural, holistic manner of obtaining grafting material which can then be used for immediate treatment. There is no need to wait to place the graft.

Contact Our Petaluma Dentist at Dental Care & Wellness offer patients safe, effective treatment, top quality care, and faster healing.Dentin is similar to bone in chemical and biological composition. It is dense and strong. Its autologous nature, proteins, and non-immunogenic response make it an ideal choice for grafting procedures. As an osteogenic material, it rapidly differentiates into bone resulting in a faster healing process. New bone regeneration is promoted. With a dentin graft, little if any graft resorption is experienced. Instead, the dentin is fused by bone. This graft provides superior care, extraordinary bone formation, and superior soft tissue response. The faster healing time equates to a faster completion of the graft and implant process.

In just 15 minutes, our dental staff preps your extracted tooth and uses the dentin grinder to prepare your graft. There are five steps in using the Smart Dentin Grinder. Our dental team will prepare the extracted tooth, prepare the dentin grinder, remove and place the graft, cleanse the particulate dentin graft, and rinse the dentin graft. Autologous bone grafts heal faster than those with donated graft samples so your implant can be placed in a timely fashion completing your dental procedure.

At Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County, your health and wellness are our priorities. Dr. Smida and her skilled team offer a wide range of holistic services including autologous bone grafting with the Smart Dentin Grinder that may not be available elsewhere. Contact our office in Petaluma to schedule your appointment with Dr. Smida. Call (707) 781-8550.


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