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Holistic dentist in Petaluma, CA discusses benefits of same day CEREC crowns

Same Day CEREC Crowns Petaluma CA

At Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County in Petaluma, CA, patients can count on treatment that respects their schedules and needs. Dr. Jurina Smida takes personal interest in the outcome of each service performed, and in the ongoing satisfaction of her patients. Same day CEREC dental crowns are a terrific example. Dr. Smida shares helpful information about this innovative treatment.

About dental crowns

A crown is a cap made of material strong enough to withstand tremendous bite force. It encases the entire portion of a tooth visible above the gum line. There is a significant difference between a crown and an inlay or onlay which covers only a portion of external tooth structure, and veneers that are applied only to front surfaces of teeth.

Dental crowns are a vital element of dentistry because they serve multiple purposes:

  • When a tooth has an area of decay involving half or more of its width, a crown is placed. Remaining tooth structure would be too fragile to support a large filling and likely prone to stress cracks. When a larger existing filling fails, it is usually replaced with a crown, as well.
  • Cusps are the points on teeth that let you grasp and tear food. This area is subjected to a lot of stress when chewing, so if a cusp breaks off, the damage may extend into the bone. Prompt placement of a crown prevents need for more extensive dental work later.
  • Fractures may develop inside a tooth, causing discomfort during chewing. A crown holds the tooth together and distributes chewing force more evenly, relieving the pain of cracked tooth syndrome.
  • If you are a bruxer – you clench or grind at night – your teeth probably show excessive wear. Unusual wear can also be a result of malocclusion or dental erosion from gastrointestinal issues. Small teeth cause the bite to collapse, triggering additional TMJ and functional problems. Dr. Smida restores the dimensions of these teeth with strong crowns.
  • While Dr. Smida does not recommend root canal therapy, a tooth previously treated in this manner must be protected with a crown. While the root canal procedure leaves tooth structure in jawbone, it removes blood flow, leaving the natural crown brittle and likely to fracture.
  • A stand-alone dental implant is topped with a crown to establish chewing function and to restore smile appearance. It also keeps other teeth from shifting.
  • Crowns are critical components of a dental bridge, anchoring replacement teeth securely in place.
  • Crowns have cosmetic application, as well. They are placed to improve shape, size, and color of teeth, and to close minor gaps in spacing.
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CEREC technology

Traditional crowns are made from gold, other metals, porcelain fused to a metal core, or ceramic. The dentist prepares the tooth, takes physical impressions, and sends them to a dental laboratory. The tooth is protected with a temporary restoration while the lab fabricates the crown. In several weeks, the patient returns to have the interim crown removed and the new one cemented in place. If there are discrepancies in the fit, form, or color of the restoration, the last few steps are repeated.

Dr. Smida uses CEREC technology to create dental crowns in one visit. The computer uses high-resolution, panoramic, digital images to create precise specifications for the crown. That information goes to an on-site milling machine that carves the crown from a solid block of lustrous zirconia.

Why patients in Petaluma, CA love same day CEREC crowns

Why patients in Petaluma, CA love same day CEREC crowns

  • Saves time out of work and travel to dental appointments.
  • The patient is only numbed one time.
  • The procedure is pleasant, with no gooey impressions.
  • It is fun to watch your crown being made!
  • No need to chew with caution on a temporary restoration.
  • Fit is precise – a “redo” is rarely needed.
  • CEREC crowns look beautifully natural, with no gray center or dark line at the gum.
  • These metal-free restorations are non-reactive, non-corrosive, non-galvanic, and extremely biocompatible.
  • No special care is needed to keep CEREC crowns looking great. Simply brush after eating and floss before bedtime to keep gums healthy and avoid decay of the underlying tooth structure.

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