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Revitalize skin naturally with PRP treatment in Petaluma, CA

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Would you like to look as youthful as you feel? You can get a fresh new hairstyle or “young up” your wardrobe. With a good plan of general and cosmetic dentistry, your smile will be bright. Prematurely aging skin, though, still adds years to your look. Dr. Jurina Smida offers an all-natural option to restore youthful tone and texture to skin. Male and female patients in Petaluma, CA are taking advantage of PRP treatment for younger-looking complexions.

The secret of healthy skin

It is no secret, really. Since the 1930s, medical researchers have explored the miraculous structural protein called collagen, found in many different human tissues. Today, we have identified 28 types of collagen, but Type I is the most abundant, comprising about 90 percent of the collagen in your body.

Type I collagen is fibrillar – made of threadlike filaments. This trait makes it a key component of:

  • Cartilage
  • Bone
  • Corneas
  • Blood vessels
  • Vertebral discs
  • Tooth dentin
  • Muscles
  • And, of course, skin.

When a child’s body is developing, it generates a great deal of collagen. After physical maturity, however, collagen production slows. It is one of the reasons joints get stiff and we lose some height as we age. It also causes skin to become thinner and dryer. Without the fibrous support in deep layers that keeps skin firm, it sags into lines, wrinkles, and folds.

Sun exposure accelerates the problem, as ultraviolet light depletes existing stores of collagen. Amino acids in collagen also impact the superficial condition of skin. As this defense diminishes, pigmentation irregularities show up.

So, the secret to maintaining healthy skin is to stimulate natural production of collagen. Good nutrition and sensible lifestyle habits help, but PRP treatment gives skin the collagen boost it really needs for youthful tone and texture.

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Utilizing your own resources

Petaluma, CA are taking advantage of PRP treatment for younger-looking complexions

Many people turn to dermal filler injections when wrinkles start to appear. These products plump out wrinkles, adding volume with a synthetically-produced (though usually biocompatible) material. The result is immediate, but over time the body absorbs the filler. While the presence of this foreign substance may encourage some collagen production in deep skin layers, it does not generally improve surface discoloration.

PRP is an entirely different approach to skin rejuvenation, using only your body’s own natural anti-aging resources.

Platelets are small cells found in blood. They are packed with fibroblasts, growth factors that stimulate clotting, healing, and tissue regeneration. Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a concentration of platelets, separated out of a sample of your own blood. The process is performed on site at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, in clinically sterile conditions, while you wait.

Because PRP is completely native to your body chemistry, there is minimal risk of allergic reaction, rejection, or infection. The FDA does not even impose regulations on use of PRP since it comes from your own body and treatment is drug-free.

Then, growth factors in PRP are activated with thrombin and calcium chloride (activated PRP is a significant distinction in Dr. Smida’s level of care). The compound is re-introduced into precise treatment areas by injection or with a microneedling technique. Its growth factors get right to work rebuilding collagen, healing and regenerating dermal tissues.

Change may be noticeable right away, with full improvement occurring in about four weeks – a radiant glow with smoother, refined texture as collagen thickens and firms skin from within. Since PRP stimulates stem cells in skin, results are long-lasting. With annual re-treatment, Dr. Smida’s patients maintain naturally healthy complexions indefinitely.

Multiple options for PRP treatment in Petaluma, CA

PRP treatment gives skin the collagen boost it really needs for youthful tone and texture.

PRP treatment is extremely versatile. Dr. Smida may suggest it for:

  • Face – For acne scar remediation, deep lines, natural lift, and full-face rejuvenation.
  • Neck – For a toned profile without “turkey neck.”
  • Chest – To smooth crepey skin and repair sun damage.
  • Backs of hands – To reduce appearance of veins and boniness.
  • Scalp – PRP is effective for hair restoration, too. Growth factors activate hair follicles to produce new strands.

Who would have thought that going to the dentist could change your whole outlook on wellness and self-esteem? At Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, you are treated as a whole person – not just a tooth that needs to be fixed. Call 707-781-8550 in Petaluma, CA to become a patient or to learn more about innovative techniques such as PRP treatment.


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