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Holistic dentist in Petaluma, CA recommends ozone therapy for gum health

Holistic dentist, Dr. Jurina Smida, provides natural ozone therapy for treatment of gum disease and other oral conditions

Healthy gums are vitally important to overall wellness. The condition of gum tissue influences systemic inflammation linked to grave illness and disease. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Jurina Smida seeks out the most beneficial methods from conventional dentistry and emerging medicines and technologies. She brings these modalities together in personalized strategies to keep patients in the Petaluma, CA area smiling with good health. Ozone therapy is an excellent example of this integrative thinking, with big benefits in periodontal treatment and other dental applications.


Understanding ozone

Ozone is simply a form of oxygen that has three atoms. It is created when electrical energy causes a chemical reaction that breaks an O2 molecule of ordinary oxygen into two individual O1 atoms. These O1 atoms come together with other O2 molecules with a weak bond, forming O3 – ozone. Each ozone molecule is “unstable,” trying to kick off the extra atom and return to the more stable two-atom form of atmospheric oxygen we breathe. This activity, called oxidation, has powerful sanitizing properties.

Healthy human cells are aerobic. They require an oxygen-rich environment. Yet primitive lower life forms including bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeast, protozoa, and parasites, are anaerobic – they cannot exist in high oxygen concentrations. The energetic pure form of oxygen relentlessly breaks down cell structure of pathogens in a very natural disinfection process.

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Benefits of dental ozone therapy

Since the 1840s, the therapeutic potential of ozone has been explored and expanded. In a dental setting, ozone can be applied as a gas, assimilated into water, or applied with an organic oil carrier. Some of the benefits of this natural therapy include:

  • Painless treatment.
  • Biocompatible with human cells.
  • Antimicrobial – destroys germs.
  • Stimulates circulatory system for faster wound healing.
  • Modulates immune system response, to control inflammation.
  • Helps to regulate hormone and enzyme production.
  • Stems bleeding.
  • Aid in chelation of heavy metals and elimination of toxins.


Dangers of gum disease

Ozone is simply a form of oxygen that has three atoms.

Gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, and periodontitis, the advanced form, are inflammatory diseases of tissues that support teeth. The mouth hosts hundreds of strains of oral bacteria and other organisms. Bacteria create a plaque biofilm which protects them from being wash away by saliva and helps to trap food particles, so they can feast on sugars and starches. Their digestive process produces acid excretions that irritate gums. As gums become inflamed, they pull away from teeth. The resulting periodontal pockets allow bacteria to invade more deeply, attacking bone and connective ligaments that keep teeth anchored.

Gum disease is the primary cause of adult tooth loss in this country. It also has serious implications for the entire body. When soft tissues are compromised, oral bacteria enter the bloodstream, causing internal inflammation that increases risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, and many other illnesses.


Ozone therapy in Petaluma, CA for healthier gums

It makes great sense to incorporate ozone therapy into a plan of gum disease prevention, periodontal treatment, and maintenance of healthy gum tissues.

An ozonated water rinse, as the final step in a regular professional cleaning, neutralizes harmful bacteria between teeth and around gums, reducing chances of gum disease gaining a foothold in healthy tissues. During laser treatment for existing gum disease, ozone gas is precisely directed to periodontal pockets. This sterilizes tissues and reduces inflammation, to re-establish a tight seal of gums to teeth. Gums can be massaged with ozonated oil, as part of your daily home care routine, to nurture healthy soft tissues.


Other advantageous uses for ozone

Dr. Jurina Smida's goal is to keep your mouth healthy in ways that promote whole-body vitality

While treatment of gum disease is an important aspect of ozone therapy at Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County, it certainly isn’t the only application for this marvel of natural dentistry. Ozone gas, carefully applied to a small area of dental caries, penetrates decay, eradicating bacteria. This allows the tooth to heal itself, remineralizing the cavity before bacteria may repopulate. For larger cavities, ozone therapy reduces need for cutting away tooth structure. Dr. Smida also administers ozone as injections to treat cavitations (necrotic bone tissue), as infusions, and to oxygenate blood in MAH therapy.

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