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PRF for fast healing from oral surgery in Petaluma

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Extraction is a common dental surgery. Yet, even in experienced hands, this procedure requires a substantial healing period. Extraction can also lead to complications such as dry socket, secondary infection, or cavitation (a hole that remains in the jawbone, filling with toxins). Dr. Jurina Smida helps to ensure positive outcomes of oral surgery for her patients in the Petaluma area, with the addition of PRF – platelet rich fibrin – therapy.

Understanding PRF

“Autologous” means cells or tissues originating from your own body. PRF is an autologous gelled membrane created from platelets (cell fragments), obtained from a small sample of your blood. PRF contains concentrated growth factors that stimulate cellular regeneration.

Since the 1970s, the liquid form, platelet rich plasma, has been used with great success in surgical wound healing and nonsurgical treatment of sports injuries. More recently, its potential in cosmetic skin rejuvenation and hair restoration has evolved.

Enhanced healing

Immediately prior to your oral surgery, a specimen of blood is drawn. It is spun in a centrifuge to separate its components. Platelets and white blood cells are processed into a “buffy coat.” Dr. Smida introduces this product directly into the surgical site.

Benefits of PRF include:

  • Versatility – This precautionary step complements bone grafts, soft tissue (gum) grafting, simple extractions, and wisdom tooth extractions.
  • Lessens discomfort and swelling.
  • Reduced chance of post-procedure complications – PRF acts as a protective cap, keeping infection out and helping to prevent dry socket and cavitation.
  • No risk of allergic reaction.
  • Great for diabetics – And others with health conditions that inhibit natural healing.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Smida is committed to providing the most biologically-sound health solutions, such as PRF for oral surgery. New patients are welcome at Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County in Petaluma, CA – call (707) 781-8550 for an appointment.


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