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Resolve sleep apnea with NightLase therapy in Petaluma, CA

Nightlase Therapy in Petaluma CA

Did you know that, if you have obstructive sleep apnea, you are 2.5 times more likely to the driver in a vehicular accident than the person who sleeps well? A recent study published in the SLEEP journal shows that excessive daytime drowsiness resulting from OSA is a predictor of crash risk. Sleep deprivation also has a significant effect on your health and wellness. Dr. Jurina Smida offers a nonsurgical, noninvasive solution for her patients in Petaluma, CA. It is called NightLase therapy, and it requires no oral appliance or machinery to use at home.

The seriousness of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea causes blood oxygen levels to drop dangerously, with grave long-term impact on the brain and body. A person with severe sleep apnea may suffer 30 or more of these episodes per hour. The continual interruptions prevent restful sleep.

Only during deep sleep cycles does the body produce hormones that regulate body functions and regenerate tissues at a cellular level. Untreated OSA is associated with:

  • Acid reflux – Heartburn is a common complaint of OSA sufferers.
  • Asthma – While the direct link has not yet been proven, successful treatment of OSA is known to reduce asthma attacks.
  • Depression – Most likely related to brain chemical changes from lack of sleep.
  • Heart disease – Sleep apnea is a risk factor for heart attack and angina pectoris – chest pain from blocked blood vessels – especially in middle-aged men.
  • High blood pressure – About half of the people who suffer from OSA also have hypertension.
  • Obesity – The condition makes it harder to slim down, since healthy hormonal balance controls cravings and appetite.
  • Stroke – Sleep apnea is linked to slower recovery from stroke, as well as higher risk of having a stroke.
  • Type 2 diabetes – Blood sugar levels are commonly elevated in those with OSA.
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Easy solution to resolve sleep apnea

The seriousness of sleep apneaAt one time, surgery was a “go-to” treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. Thankfully, today, trimming the uvula and soft palate, removing tonsils, cutting away excess tissues in the throat, and repositioning muscles is considered a last resort.

CPAP is a common non-surgical treatment. This device uses a continuous stream of air to hold the airway open for easier breathing. It is administered through a nasal mask attached to an air compressor. CPAP can bring significant improvement in OSA . . . when it is used consistently. Compliance is low, however. The system is inconvenient, invasive to intimacy, and may cause facial irritation and dry throat.

Oral appliance therapy is a good alternative for many OSA patients. This discreet device slips over front teeth, repositioning the tongue and jaw to keep the airway clear. Still, the appliance must be worn nightly for full health benefit.

Treatment of OSA has evolved even further, with the introduction of noninvasive laser therapy.

NightLase therapy in Petaluma, CA

Dr. Smida is trained in the NightLase technique for improved sleep quality. Pulses of focused laser energy are directed at soft tissues at the back of the throat. This triggers contraction of collagen, shrinking and tightening mucosal tissues that block the airway.

NightLase therapy in Petaluma, CAHere are some of the reasons OSA patients favor NightLase therapy:

  • Decreases amplitude of snoring.
  • Fosters efficient breathing for positive change in sleep patterns.
  • Treatment is gentle. No anesthetic is needed, and the patient feels only a sensation of warmth.
  • Minimal side effects. Some patients report a mild sore throat that resolves quickly.
  • Just three sessions over a span of about six weeks are needed.
  • In Dr. Smida’s experienced hands, treatment is very safe.
  • NightLase has a high success rate.
  • Results last up to a year.
  • Periodic re-treatment maintains results.
  • NightLase is a drug-free treatment option.
  • Laser therapy can be used to improve the effectiveness of CPAP or oral appliance therapy for severe cases.

Imagine waking without a headache; feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Just think how happy your sleep partner would be to snuggle close and sleep soundly. Consider that your lifespan could be increased with an effective solution for OSA that fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

If you like the idea of improved sleep, it is time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smida. Call Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County in Petaluma, CA at (707) 781-8550 to find out if you are a good candidate for NightLase therapy.


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