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Petaluma dentist uses ceramic materials for preferred implant tooth replacement process

uses ceramic materials for preferred implant tooth replacement process

You may be aware of the benefits of dental implants for tooth replacement, but it’s also important to know that not all implants are equal. While you may hear primarily about implants made from medical-grade titanium, a lightweight yet strong metal, as a metal-free practice Dr. Smida and her team know there is a better way: biocompatible zirconia.

Why is the material used to make the implant so important?

As you may recall, the dental implant is actually designed to replace the tooth root that may have been lost due to infection or other trauma. Implant-supported teeth are often lauded as the preferred way to regain natural function, feel, and appearance.

Since the tooth root in your jawbone stabilizes the rest of the tooth, the dental implant will be surgically placed in the bone. It’s important that the material used to make the implant be biocompatible, so it can safely fuse with the underlying bone. This process of osseointegration results in a foundation similar to the one naturally present in healthy teeth, whereby the natural tooth root is connected to underlying bone.

What is Zirconia?

Unlike titanium, zirconia is not metal. It is a ceramic. Ceramics have been a preferred choice for cosmetic dentistry procedures through the decades due to their beautiful aesthetic properties. Over time, research has shown that it possesses superior bending strength and hardness.

Zirconia is attractive in medical circles due to not only its durability, but also its biocompatibility. This property has made Zirconia a mainstay of prosthesis, such as hip replacements.

Its record in successfully fusing to bone is well-documented. In addition, the use of this ceramic eliminates concerns associated with metals such as allergies and corrosion. Generally, since Zirconia is non-corrosive, the tissues around the materials and at the gumline remain healthy and are better preserved than tissues surrounding metal implants, which have the tendency to rapidly accumulate bacteria.

Your implant dentist in Petaluma, Dr. Smida, uses Zirkolith implants by Z-Systems, which are a considered a preferred product for implant material. In part, its unique manufacturing process produces a ceramic implant with excellent bone integration, esthetics, soft tissue response and biocompatibility.

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