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Dentist in Petaluma, CA goes beyond comprehensive general services with holistic techniques and technologies

A healthy mouth, a healthy person
You have almost 200 general dentists to choose from in and around Petaluma, CA. Yet, Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County distinguishes itself by merging a consultative approach and advanced technologies to maintain oral health, overall health, and quality of life.

A healthy mouth, a healthy person

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Jurina Smida has understood for years what other dentists in the Greater Santa Rosa may just now be acknowledging. Inflammation, infection, and disease in the mouth frequently doesn’t remain there. These damaging conditions can travel, wreaking havoc on other tissues and organs, and your general health.

For instance, diabetes and gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) are common conditions affecting Americans, and are also among the worst offenders when it comes to systemic illnesses that can destroy your teeth and gums. As a biological dental practice whose care accounts for that critical link between oral and overall health, Dr. Smida and her team are uniquely positioned to prevent or reverse complications from conditions such as diabetes, which frequently tops the list of medical conditions associated with advanced gum disease or periodontitis.
Research suggests diabetics are at greater risk of developing gum disease, and they have a harder time controlling blood glucose levels. In turn, gum disease can contribute to a worsening of diabetes symptoms. The increased susceptibility to bacterial infections is to blame for the high presence of gum disease among diabetics. The body can’t fight off these bacterial invaders as easily as non-diabetic people.
Many of the symptoms related to the chronic digestive disease, GERD, are also associated with tooth-related damage. These destructive signs include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Acid reflux

The stomach contents and acids that flow backwards wreak havoc on the protective covering of your teeth. Dry mouth or xerostomia also contributes to enamel erosion. Generally, the levels of harmful acids increase as saliva production decreases. As it is allowed to progress untreated, teeth are more susceptible to cavities, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

It’s critical to keep your blood glucose level in check for oral and overall wellness, and to maintain regular cleanings and checkups as recommended by Dr. Smida. It’s also important to discuss any changes related to your condition and to medications prescribed to manage diabetes.
Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County has numerous advanced technologies in their practice to keep your mouth, body, and mind at its best. These tools include:

  • CyberScan Cybernetic Biofeedback Technology – Scans your energetic “blueprint” to identify personalized health patterns that guide customized treatments
  • Neural Therapy – Stops disturbances in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) with treatments such as analgesic Procaine to target nerve bundles and other disrupted areas
  • Autonomic Response Testing – System assesses ANS health and dysfunction, which is responsible for vital functions such as immunity, tissue regeneration, and digestion
  • Ozone Therapy – Energized oxygen delivers non-toxic treatment to boost immunity

If you already are affected by decay that requires restorative treatments, the materials Dr. Smida uses are non-toxic. Long-lasting resin and ceramics do not pose threats to living tissues, and are designed to retain as much healthy, natural tooth structure as possible.

The team hopes you have a good understanding of how oral health is a reflection of overall wellness. Experience the difference holistic approaches and treatments can make. Schedule an appointment by calling (707) 781-8550 today.

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