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Understanding the steps in Petaluma full mouth reconstruction

Petaluma full mouth reconstruction

Dr. Smida and the team of Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County believe that every person deserves to enjoy the benefits of excellent oral health and a dazzlingly beautiful smile. You might think that kind of smile is beyond your reach if you have extensive dental problems such as severe decay, missing teeth, and advanced gum disease. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to transform your smile, and your oral health, with full mouth reconstruction.

Evaluation and planning

The first step in the procedure is a comprehensive examination. Unlike conventional dentists, Dr. Smida’s focus is not limited to your teeth. The consultation will include discussion about your medical history, lifestyle, eating habits, medications, and other factors that affect oral health. Diagnostic technologies such as biofeedback testing and autonomic response testing may be used to assess your overall wellness. She will discuss the results of the examination, listen to your concerns, and learn about your treatment goals. She will work with you to create a plan that addresses all of your oral health concerns.


The exact steps in full mouth reconstruction will vary greatly from one patient to the next. The goal of full mouth reconstruction is to eliminate oral disease, optimize functionality of teeth and jaws, and create a healthy, beautiful smile. It is not a specific procedure. Instead, it is a highly customized treatment plan, designed around your needs and preferences.

We will recommend conservative solutions, restoring your teeth if possible. If teeth are missing or extraction is unavoidable, they can be replaced with customized restorations supported by dental implants. All dental materials in our office are biocompatible and metal-free, including implants.

If your treatment plan includes the removal of amalgam (silver) fillings, Dr. Smida will use a specialized protocol developed by the IAOMT. This is important because conventional filling removal techniques can lead to high levels of mercury exposure. Our mercury safe method minimizes the amount vapor and particles, and protects you from breathing, swallowing, or contacting it.

If you are ready to restore your smile, call Dental Care & Wellness of Sonoma County in Petaluma at (707) 781-8550 and schedule an appointment.

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