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Petaluma dentist integrates dental lasers to provide comfortable patient procedures

etaluma dentist integrates dental lasers
Dr. Jurina Smida provides patients of Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County in Petaluma with only the safest and most efficacious products and services. Each technique and tool is carefully chosen for its integration into whole body health. Use of dental lasers in procedures whenever possible contributes to optimal outcomes for patients. Patients experience greater comfort during and following procedures, as well as a reduction in harmful bacteria, without additional medications and antibiotics. The use of dental lasers reduces the need for anesthesia and perhaps sutures in many procedures. In our practice, the least invasive techniques are preferred. Dental lasers fit into this concept beautifully.
Many possible uses exist for lasers in dentistry. They are effectively used in cutting soft tissue, delivering preciseness with minimal bleeding. It is safely used in treatment of periodontal disease for scaling and root planing, because of its capability to destroy bacteria in gum pockets. Gum contouring is beautifully performed with use of a laser, with predictable results and an easy recovery for the patient. For patients experiencing discomfort, a frenectomy provides a simple remedy to relieve tension in the tissue attaching the upper lip to the gums. Even impacted teeth may be accessed easily with a more comfortable laser incision.
Dental lasers reduce damage to tissues surrounding the area that is targeted for treatment. Patient comfort is improved following a procedure. Less pain and swelling leads to a swift overall recovery, allowing the patient to return to normal activities sooner.
To experience the benefits of laser treatments, we invite you to the holistic dentistry experience of Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County. We’ve chosen to train, as well as to invest, in the treatments and technologies that are ideal for our patients. With the introduction of laser dentistry into our menu of services, patients can rest assured of a more comfortable dental experience. We believe our attention to overall patient health, combined with gentle care delivered in comfortable surroundings, provide our patients with exceptional dental experiences and results.

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