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Dentist uses CEREC technology to make crowns precisely in about an hour near Petaluma CA

Dentist uses CEREC technology to make crowns precisely
As a biological and holistic dentist, Dr. Jurina Smida also practices conservative dentistry. CEREC’s CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) technology fits in well with a practice built upon approaches designed to restore the health of your mouth and your whole body as oral and overall wellness are inextricably linked.
With CEREC, Dr. Smida and her team will remove only decayed or damaged tooth structure. You keep a maximum amount of natural, healthy tooth structure. While dental materials and replacement techniques have advanced tremendously, maximum natural structure is still best. When healthy, natural teeth look, feel, and function optimally.
CEREC adds convenience and comfort to dental visits because beautiful crowns can be made while you wait. Instead of sticky trays, a digital camera is used to make an optical impression. Computer-aided design software renders a 3-D model of your mouth, based on information garnered from the impression. Computer-aided manufacturing creates a precise fabrication of the new crown by shaping tooth-colored ceramic to precise specifications, similar to the technologies used by architects to design buildings.
Ceramic appears lifelike and is a safe material that does not pose toxicity risks to surrounding tissues. The CAD/CAM process allows the most accurate fit. Any necessary alterations to the new tooth can be made onsite by your CEREC dentist near Napa CA, Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County.

A better way

The manufacturing process has traditionally been outsourced to labs. Thanks to CEREC technology, the treatment site is prepared, and the crown is designed and made in about an hour. Historically, the impression and other information would be sent to the dental technicians who make the new tooth. This process could take a few weeks; at which time you would return for a second visit to place the permanent crown. While waiting for the new crown, you would wear a temporary crown to protect the prepared site. These temporary crowns are more fragile than permanent ones. If the temporary breaks, it might necessitate a third trip to your dentist.

If any adjustments had to be made to your lab-prepared crown, this could result in yet another trip to the dentist’s office. Imagine all the time spent just traveling back and forth! You avoid all the hassle by turning to a CEREC dentist who can handle every aspect of the process (including adjustments) in a single appointment.
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