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Advanced lasers improve treatment outcomes for Petaluma patients

Advanced lasers improve treatment
Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County is the holistic dental practice of Dr. Jurina Smida, treating patients in and around Petaluma, CA. Holistic dentistry bases the treatment of the teeth and gums on its impact of the entire body. We work to achieve the highest level of dental care without affecting other areas of patient health. This is one reason we choose to offer the latest technologies available in dentistry through the use of advanced lasers in treatment. Lasers improve patient outcomes while reducing or even eliminating the side effects experienced when other methods are used. Our patient services are based on the most extensive knowledge and training available in laser dentistry.
Dr. Smida has invested in a variety of advanced lasers for various treatments. Lasers are approved for a myriad of dental applications. Gum disease can be greatly reduced with laser treatment through scaling and root planing. Lasers are effective to target and destroy bacteria found in gum pockets. In oral surgery, lasers can uncover a tooth that lies below the surface with ease. Lasers generally result in less bleeding and faster healing. While these are lasers for soft tissue applications, we also use lasers in oral surgery on hard tissues, such as bone and tooth material.
When advanced lasers are introduced into dental treatment, patients can expect less discomfort than with traditional methods. This is very delightful for most patients to hear! Because of the reduction of invasiveness and impact on surrounding tissues, patients will heal faster; and often, sutures will not be required. The need for anesthesia may also be reduced or eliminated with laser-assisted therapies.
All of the research points to a better overall experience for a patient of a laser dental treatment than of other treatment methods. We invite you to discover the difference of holistic dentistry with an appointment at Dental Care and Wellness of Sonoma County for your next wellness exam and cleaning. We are pleased to answer any questions regarding the positive impact our services can have on your overall health. For restorative, cosmetic, and preventative services, we believe you will find that we exceed expectations as become your choice for a dental home.

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